Nikki Sudden & The Jacobites - Jangle Town / The Last Bandit 7" (1986)

This 6th single/EP from Nikki Sudden was released under his name and the Jacobites. Actually, his association with Dave Kusworth appeared to be short-lived, only 2 years (but they would play again together, and much longer, in the nineties). Driven from the wonderful album Texas (his best for me), recorded in June and July 1986, the A-side was not really able to catch enough attention on a single. The B-side was a non-album track and would even become some years later the name of a compilation, and a classic stage song. All this is enough to consider interesting to post this single (that was not released in an EP version such as it was the tradition in the eighties). Catch it here. PS. The sleeve is a picture of mine since I have bought this 7" when it was released.

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