Buzzcocks - Lest We Forget Live in America (1979-80)

Another live compilation from Buzzcocks. Captured by Joan McNulty, the publisher of their official fan magazine Harmony in My Head (and supposed then-girlfriend of Pete Shelley) on cassette during their 1979 and 1980 US tours, the track selection was chosen by her and released 8 years later only on cassette again, on the ROIR label. If the setlist is wonderful (with many tracks from A Different Kind Of Tension, their then last album), if the sound is correct, the track order is totally senseless, mixing years (1979 and 1980) and concerts (mainly New Jersey, Chicago and New York). There is even a song recorded in Birmingham (the UK one) which is absurd. The worst is that, although she was a fan, she didn't respect the usual setlist order that the band is notorious for (with "Fast Cars" at the beginning and "Breakdown" and "Time's Up" at the end. Weird. However, I decided not to change this order and to post the album as it was on the cassette. The sound is not the one you can expect from an official live but it allows to savour this collection with pleasure since some songs are really played with an incredible energy and concision. The band was never better than during this period even with so many depressions and drugs circulating in Pete Shelley body. More to come. Catch it here. PS. I improved a little bit the cover sleeve of the CD version of this cassette.

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