Buzzcocks - Sick City Sometimes (2003)

Six months after the first track driven from their eponymous album ("Jerk", previous post), the band released another EP with what I consider as one of their best song ever, "Sick City Sometimes", composed and sung by Steve Diggle and that would have been a massive hit if it had been released by one of the adulated band of the times (don't remember who were). But it was not. Too bad. On the B-side, there's a non-album track but unfortunately, it's not from the session of the current album but from 1995 (maybe the All Set sessions). And the song (from Shelley) is rather weak and dispendable. The last song is the unavoidable live track, this time recorded in 1999 (don't ask me why) but I've no more info about it (maybe I should have a look to the biography but I'm too lazy tonight). Since the song is "Paradise", it's interesting. But stop the babble now and catch this EP here.


Hamster said...

Thanks for the recent batch of Buzzcocks' singles/EPs which I had forgotten about with the passage of time. Good to hear 'em again & your good little notes add to the experience. Cheers!

dkelvin said...

Thx for the comment. Yes it's good to help these songs not to be forgotten when some of them are as good as were their 1978-1980 classics. More to come.