Buzzcocks - It's Not You 7" (2014)

We had to wait 7 years before new stuff by the band was released. It was a LP called The Way and I was proud and glad to have participated to it's release via some money given by The Pledge. The album was all we could hope from a band whose members are in their 60's and who maintain the name of Buzzcocks with honour and the rather weak notes you can see on its wikipedia page is nothing less than bullshit by second-hand rock critics. The album was released during the summer of 2014 and this single only in November. If this is actually my favorite song from the album, it's not really calibrated to be a hit and it was not. I'm not sure the band was expecting any success anyway but maybe to add a great song to their fantastic repertoire. It shows how  Pete Shelley can still write seminal songs. And this one is really one of this kind. The bridge is in particular a real killer.  Note that there's "(radio mix)" added to the title of the single. Since I took this version from the clip, I hope it's the good version but I think so. On the B-side, a Steve Diggle non-album track called "Generation Suicide". A rather common rocker but pleasant anyway. Catch it here or there. Still 2 more to come.