The end ... of Forgotten Songs

Mega has decided to close my account (on which I uploaded all the material from this blog) due to the classic violation authors' rights. They received 3 takedown notices for 3 posts in 1 year, and consider it's enough to delete all the stuff that I had stored there. I'm totally disappointed (devastated actually) and think I've had enough of these storage problem (first Mediafire, then Rapidshare, and now Mega). So this is the end. I know several other musical blogs use Mega or Zippyshare and had not their accounts deleted, but maybe I'm not cautious enough in the material I post. Anyway, I'm fed up with this cat and mouse play. Since I don't want to leave posts with dead links, I'll remove the blog from the web. Hard to see 8 years of work (the blog started in August 2009) destroyed but I think there'll be soon no place for free sharing on the web, except for those who are familiar enough with the ways to use alternative modalities (I don't want to use torrents). But personally, I'm too old for that now. If you have a sort of solution to propose, for example a filehoster that does not obey like a watchdog to the companies that earn money with delation (like webcapio, who did the bad job in my case, go to hell fuckers), don't hesitate to give it to me in comments whilst the blog is still active. Maybe it'll make me change my mind. Sad it ends since I had a lot fantastic stuff to post in the near future. But free (in its double acception) is less and less a word that has to do with internet (no tits, no free music...). Thanx to all those who left me nice comments during this 8 yrs long adventure, and the musicians that were kind enough to let me share their music freely (thinking of Mark Perry, one of my all-time hero). I'm sure they understood that the way I did it was for helping their work to stay alive, and not to rob them. Note that many of my stuff (improved sounding live material and nice DIY cover sleeves) are sold legally on the net by cupid MP3 sites and nothing is done to stop them. In this capitalistic world, the moneymakers are working hand in hand, the only enemies are us, the free-sharing-activists.


Ruben Chandler said...

I'm sorry to see you go my friend but completely understand. Thanks for sharing, both music and of yourself. There will be a Forgotten Songs shaped hole in the universe now.

Anonymous said...

This is a bummer. I was most grateful for your Mael Bros. uploads but never commented.

It's funny how A**z*n et al can sell bootlegged CDs but, if one uploads obscure, rare and forgotten tracks, for free, the bastards are out to get you.

I have gone to a few gigs recently where I would not have heard of a band or listened to their music without sites such as your own supporting these acts i.e. supporting the artists directly, not paying the A*p*e Tax.

Anonymous said...

You made me discover a lot of forgotten music.
Thank you for sharing all this great stuff.
It was an amazing journey that will not be forgotten.

All the best,

Derek from Paris

Anonymous said...

I know not what to suggest but would be sorry to see your blog go.

I'm not too good with file sharing sites but am hoping you'll find an alternative to continue.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything, my friend! It's been an incredible journey... Good luck!

John from Athens

Hamster said...

Another one bites the dust! I'm sad & sorry to learn of the demise of this fine blog which brought many fine songs & acts back into play. Many thanks for the hard work you put in & it must have consumed a lot of time - not for personal financial gain but just for the love of the music, which is what these destroyers can't understand. The very best of luck for the future. Cheers, man!

Vonnoosh said...

Why not delete the links and leave the blog up? Not all of the posts had working links anyway. You made original artwork and wrote thoughtfully about the material being presented. Is not that enough in itself to keep it?

dkelvin said...

@Ruben Chandler. Thx a lot for this very very kind and friendly comment. It’s a consolation to have some support in comments
@Anonymous (1). Of course I totally agree with you. Blogs of this type help musicians and bands since they throw a light on music often overlooked. But it’s too subtle to be understood by many
@Derek. Thx very much. You often leave nice comments and it’s a pleasure to read. I would have preferred not to have one in these circumstances but that’s life
@SG. Thx anyway to have taken some min. to write a comment.
@John from Athens. Thx for the kind comment. Yes I believe the journey was quite incredibly rich and exciting.
@Hamster. A very relevant comment that touches me a lot. Yes, it was often time-consuming but I always did it with a sort of euphoria when I thought the pleasure people would have to get a nice cover sleeve, an improved sound quality and a hard to find rarity.
@Vonnoosh. Yes, I thought about it, but it’s too deceiving to fall on dead links so I didn’t keep the idea. It’s kind to you to find that artwork and texts may be enough to keep the blog up. At this time, I’m still hoping to find a decent solution to share the files and to close the blog if I don’t find anyone.

Ansina said...

Thanks for all the fish! Someone who likes Kim Fowley and Procol Harum surely is my next of kin ; )

Andrew Saunders said...

Thanks for what you have done, I recall being blown away by some great rare stuff (Groundhogs and Man live stuff, some bbc radio sessions I never thought I'd get to hear again etc). I know I didn't thank you enough at the time.

dkelvin said...

@Ansina. That's also my opinion :)
@Andrew Saunders. To have shed light on these 2 great underrated bands contributed to make this blog important for me. And its end cruel. Anyway, there was no problem not to thank. I rarely left any comment in my life when I took some stuff on other musical blogs. But it's true it's nice to have some.

Jobe said...

Dude may I suggest before you hang it up to give Zippy a try. I've been using them for years anonymously and have never had a problem. There are too few of you left. Like Lemmy said "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down" and if you do go with shutting down you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Just to say thanks for the music - the Nikki Sudden stuff especially.

I hope you find a solution to carry on, but if you choose not to I wish you all the best!


Timmy said...

Zippy!!!!! Sure hope you at least give it a hlaf-ass try.
Anyways, thanx for all the great posts in the past. You made a difference.

ommyth said...

Firstly, sincere thanks. Really. Secondly, Zippy seems to be reliable. You shouldn't give up - your POV is exceedingly worthwhile. Lastly, there'd be no stress from this end - take your time. If you choose to bow out, no worries. I and the other music lovers here salute you!

Anonymous said...

Zippyshare would work!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to find out that you're no longer here, on the day I find out you were ever there. I was at some of the gigs that were on here, and would have loved to have heard them again. I wish you luck in finding a new host. Thanks for all the work you put into this. I agree that Zippy may be the way to go.

dkelvin said...

Thx again for your comments (compliments and/or help). I'll answer at each
@Jobe. I thought about Zippy, but there's a point that precludes to chose it it's this one: File Life: 30 days after no activity. Given that most of the material I up will stay at least once without being dl during 30 days, it's sure all the links will be dead in a near future. Moreover, Zippy follows the DMCA policy (at least it seems but since there's no account to get, it may be not a problel). Anyway, the 30 days are for me a redhibitory factor.
@Anonymous. Sad since I had to re-up more Nikki Sudden.I'm still searching for a solution. I got some possible but not sure it'll work
@Timmy. Thx for the nice comment. For Zippy, see my point above
@ommyth. Thx too for the kind and supportive comment. For Zippy, see my point above. As the days go by, closing this blog saddens me more and more. But I'm still questing for a solution
@Anonymous. For Zippy, see above.
@Anonymous. A bad coincidence for sure (to find this blog the day it closes or seems to). Future will tell if it's definitive or not but at the time, I got no appropriate solution that would motivate me to spend hundred of hours re-up-ing the deleted material.

Bob Mac said...

Sorry to see you go man. I used to drop in on your blog every couple of weeks and have a look around.

KDNYfm said...


secret said...

Thanks for sharing, especially Nick Sudden. All
the best to you.

dkelvin said...

@Bob Mac. Thx for the interest
@KDNYfm. Thx for the kind comment
@secret. Yes, Nikki Sudden is so much overlooked.

Current state of my reflexion. I'm trying to use file.town (see the last Buzzcocks singles posts). Since the links can be left forever without any restriction even without dl, and since there is no account to create, it seems a possible solution. If you know about it, thx to share. I was also on gofile but it's much slower to open the pages and to dl.

drizzz said...

Thank you for the Strawbs!!

Anonymous said...

It's really a shame what has happened to your blog, especially since I just stumbled upon this great musical archive you've created over such a long time span. Anyway: Thanks for all your efforts! The sheer amount of information is a real treasure. I do sincerely hope you'll find a file-hoster alternative or some other solution. You can't let them win!

Quotes And Sayings said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the music you posted, and all the time it took to prepare it.

A number of sites I frequent have moved to invite-only, password-protected boards. I can't give you examples, because they're private and secret! But they seem to be the next wave of sharity blogs.

dkelvin said...

@drizzz. I was glad to provide so many Strawbs and I'm too sad to see the links disappear
@Anonymous 1. Your "You can't let them win" moved me. If FS close it's true that they won
@Anonymous 2. The invite-only solution doesn't please me sorry. But maybe it'll be the only solution, it's true. I've never been on one so I can't say how it works. I like the idea of open door. But it's maybe old fashion, romantic and unappropriate now

Joe Fracas said...

Merci pour tout. J'espère éviter la même mésaventure car je l'ai déjà vécue il y a quelques années avec Blogger...

Geoff Duffett said...

Many many thanks for all the great music over the years man. Good karma to you my friend. Keep the faith x

Strawbsfan said...

I'm really sad to see you go. Your Strawbs material was unique to this site (at least I never saw it anywhere else) and being a huge fan represented a major find. You had lots of other interesting material too. Thanks for all the sharing you did, I hope there's a way to keep the site up.

Anonymous said...

Im a latecomer to blog sites but a longtimer in torrents and they are better than 3rd party hosts (fuck them) but I also see how they deal with the Rogue torrent index. One day your just working away and building your pages and your networking throughout the site and just like the old movie Airplane! that guy pulls the plug and he's not joking and all the time and effort is GONE. I have had that happen 3 times KAT,ET, most notably. I guess its the way it is. I see your at Demonoid in fact thats how I found this. Sharing is a labor of love.
And as Nazareth said Love hurts. Good luck.
analogkid6103 VIP uploader-TPB,Demonoid,1337x,KAT(RIP)ET(RIP)

Anonymous said...

that guy Kim Dot Com made MILLIONS of dollars fucking up copyright rights on ANYTHING and now he pretends to apply the law??? That's a really fucked up greedy bastard, and i thought this about him all the time.. please don't give up, i just discovered your blog right now, and your selection of rare and forgotten music in marvelous, but most off all are the commets and descriptions.. PLEASE DON'T DELETE THEM, AT LEAST THEY CAN BE USEFUL TO PEOPLE finding the stuff somewhere else... btw, have you tought about 1fichier.com???
they seem to be another alternative interesting storage site used by mane obscure stuff uploaders....

i tell you again DON'T GIVE UP to a fuckin billionaire!!!!

The Black Moon

Anonymous said...

$ ain't shit

'your' land in new zealand, despite 'proof' on a piece of paper that it's yours, can be taken away today & there's nothin you can do about it

moreover any 'laws' about 'ownership' are bullshit & entirely expendable as well

everything you know is wrong

free art forever!


thedcscarletspeedster said...

The file share companies you mention are no one's friend. I have always enjoyed zippyshare and they seem cool. Good luck with re-upping though. Your site is pretty much unique and deserves to continue.

sithum anjana said...

sinhala sub

Garu said...

I somehow didn't notice this post for several weeks. I just wanted you to know that your efforts were appreciated. I am also a Procol and Strawbs fan (among other groups represented on your blog) and particularly appreciated your commentary about the quality of various live recordings you uploaded. Fortunately I downloaded some of your highest recommendations well before the cutoff. I can understand how difficult it must be to find a reliable file host. I don't know if there is any 'permanent' solution. I hope you find something. Rest assured, even with broken links, your blog still provides useful information. I hope you can decide to leave it intact. All the best.

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