Let's dance again

These last weeks, I did a little experience. I added links of 2 file hosting servers  that do not need accounts, leading to the last Buzzcocks singles that I posted and waited to see if they would stay alive and functional. It seems one of them is fast to dl and enduring. So, I'll give a try again and substitute new links of the one I chose to the dead M ones. Of course I'll do it at my own pace but it could be faster than I feared. Moreover, I won't repost all the re-up material so it's up to you in the further weeks to have a look whether the stuff you want has been re-up or not. I'll write a little coded sentence before the link so that you known whether it is a re-up link or not. Please write in comment if you have any problem with this new filehost so that I don't work too much for nothing. If you want to know which one it is click on the link here.  Meanwhile, let's dance and stay in alert. Thanx again to all those among you that left a comment. It's one of the main reason I want to unbury it and not let it die.